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An innovative online platform and inspiration to discover locality. Our project changer the way we think about traveling and supports local communities! Discover the unknown and hit the road with nearB.

Travel to Earn

Our guide is not just
a travel platform! ​

It is an ecosystem that connects 3 groups:

International community

Loyalty program and rewards for activity.

Local companies

Support, local currency, presence in the international guide and mobile application.

Token holders

NRB token staking program and rewards.

Who are we and what have we done?

We create an international guide, which we fill only with local addresses! So far, we have operated in Poland, now we are creating a guide and an internet search engine in the Czech Republic, and we have 49 global markets ahead of us – just like TripAdvisor.

We have developed an online search engine, a mobile application (version for iOS and Android) and published a paper local guide.

We have distinguished and continue to distinguish local entrepreneurs who run their business with passion and want to reach a wider group of customers – those outside the local market.

Buy our book here:

We are building an international online locality trail!

We have already recognized over 1,000 companies in Poland, now it’s time for local entrepreneurs from around the world!

User problems
we solve

Customers look for proven and local companies,
but they don’t know who is actually local, and Google doesn’t answer this question! They usually learn about them through recommendations from friends or family.

Our online guide is intended to be just such a friend, helping you find local businesses and services that we recommend.

Who is really local
and deserves my attention?

Travelers' problems are very similar!

There is no information on the Internet for individual groups. the athlete doesn’t know where the running routes are, the husband doesn’t know where he can take his wife on a date, etc.

There is a lot of information on the Internet for amateurs, such as: “in Prague in the Czech Republic, go to Charles Bridge, and if you are in London, see Big Ben…”

Huge market

The value of the tourism industry is constantly growing!

Tourism is expected to grow steadily over the next ten years. The forecast for 2033 predicts that the T&T sector will account for approximately 11.6% of global GDP (value approximately USD 15.5 trillion) and will employ approximately 430 million people, over 100 million more than currently.

Consumers in assisted research confirm that the patriotic aspect would influence their choices!

Smartphone users search for phrases related to local businesses every day, and 56% while traveling!

Travel to Earn (T2E)

This mechanism builds a strong community of travelers by encouraging the sharing of valuable information about places and rewarding users for content and activity.

Users collect points for creating various travel content, and at the end of each month the pool of NRB tokens is divided depending on the number of points users have earned, which promotes active participation in the community.

49 countries
= 49 pools

The pools are named after the countries where our platform will be present. We will soon launch Prestaking to reward people who trusted us in the early phase!

You receive 49 unique NFT tokens!

*free when purchasing NRB tokens




Issuance of NRB tokens

Total supply: 700,000,000

Tokens for sale: 3,24%

Fundraising amount: $1,023,693


10% commission

for inviting a new token holder!

Sign up for the whitelist & buy NRB tokens in official distribution

Receive unique NFT tokens that are your entry tickets to staking

Freeze your NRB tokens in your staking program of choice

Receive additional NRB tokens and receive great rewards

Use tokens
in the ecosystem or sell them on the market


Join our group on Telegram and stay up to date with all information about tokenization of our project. This is a knowledge base about NRB tokens and a special place for token holders!


700,000,000 NRB tokens


TGE: 4% CLIFF: 8 months VESTING: 14 months


TGE: 8% CLIFF: 6 months VESTING: 12 months


TGE: 12% CLIFF: 3 months VESTING: 10 months


TGE: 12% CLIFF: 3 months VESTING: 10 months


TGE: 100% CLIFF: 0 months VESTING: 0 months


TGE: 0% CLIFF: 20 months VESTING: 36 months


TGE: 0% CLIFF: 20 months VESTING: 26 months


TGE: 0% CLIFF: 20 months VESTING: 26 months


TGE: 0% CLIFF: 24 months VESTING: 60 months


TGE: 33% CLIFF: 3 months VESTING: 24 months


TGE: 8% CLIFF: 0 months VESTING: 36 months


TGE: 4,5% CLIFF: 0 months VESTING: 36 months


TGE: 0% CLIFF: 6 months VESTING: 24 months

NRB token features

The NRB token serves many important functions. project ecosystem, providing users with a number of opportunities and benefits:


Payment with NRB tokens for the company's presence in the application. Possibility of partial or full payment with NRB tokens.


The NRB token is the primary reward in the staking program.


NRB token holders can participate in a loyalty program that offers various benefits, such as discounts, boosts and rewards.


The NRB token will be a reward for users for social activities, such as creating content, providing recommendations or participating in events on the platform.


Owning NRB tokens will open access to a variety of benefits, discounts and unique experiences on the platform, which will increase its attractiveness to users.


The NRB token will be available to motivate users to participate in our community.


Travelers and users will receive rewards in the form of NRB tokens by purchasing from local entrepreneurs, which will further motivate them to support local businesses.


The NRB token will act as a Local Virtual Currency (LVC), enabling payments for services and products offered by local entrepreneurs.

Our roadmap

Our team

This project is created by people with passion! Let’s get to know each other better!


Editor-in-chief of the guide & Founder


Project coordinator


One of the first token holders


CEO & Founder


Country sales director for the Czech Republic

Partners & Advisors

Agnes Wawrzeńczyk

Project & creative manager


Sales trainer

Frequently asked questions
about the NRB token

Currently, NRB tokens can be purchased under the SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) agreement, which is the standard way to purchase tokens before their official release on the market. The SAFT agreement allows you to purchase NRB tokens before their public availability, providing early access to the project.

In the context of NRB token issuance, cliffs and vesting refer to the mechanisms that regulate the distribution of tokens to buyers. A cliff is a period during which tokens are not available to the buyer after purchase. After the cliff, vesting begins, i.e. the gradual issuance of tokens according to a set schedule. Unlocking TGE is the moment of first introducing tokens into circulation, which usually takes place during an event called the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Prestaking for NRB tokens will be launched after collecting 30% of the total fundraising goal under the issue. This is the stage before actual staking, allowing early adopters to benefit from owning tokens before they are fully released to the market.

The NRB token will be listed on multiple exchanges, initially on a decentralized exchange (DEX). Auctions will take place immediately after the token sale ends. If the issuance ends earlier, even if not all tokens are sold, the token auction may occur faster. Listing is planned for the fourth quarter of 2024.

No, participants in the official NRB token distribution will not receive 49 NFT tokens immediately. NFT access tokens will be issued to participants just before the launch of each new staking pool, according to the project schedule.

After purchase, NRB tokens will be transferred to your non-custodial wallet, which you provide when concluding the SAFT agreement, or to your account on the dedicated launcher platform, which we will announce shortly. Token distribution will be carried out in accordance with the cliff and entitlement parameters for a given issuance round.

The Diamond, Platinum, and Gold packages vary in terms of token purchase price, minimum purchase amount, and the type and benefits of NFT tokens associated with each package. Diamond is the most exclusive package with the highest minimum purchase amount and additional benefits, Platinum falls in the middle in terms of costs and benefits, and Gold is the most basic package with the lowest minimum purchase amount.

The NRB token plays a key role in the “Local Entrepreneur Support Initiative” in the NearB ecosystem. Part of the NRB tokens is intended to support local companies, which increases the demand for their services and products. This program encourages travelers, influencers and other users of the ecosystem to use the services of local companies by offering them NRB tokens as an incentive.

The NRB token stands out for its multi-functionality in the Nearb ecosystem. It serves as the foundation for the staking program, incentivizing long-term token storage to ensure ecosystem stability. The loyalty program offers discounts and other benefits for token holders. The NRB token is also the key to building NearB. communities, serving as a virtual local currency to facilitate transactions and support local businesses. Additionally, the NRB token is used to reward social activity and increase the attractiveness of the platform. The uniqueness of the NRB token also lies in the use of inflation control mechanisms and the purchase of tokens by the company, which generates purchasing pressure and favors the success of the project.

  1. After collecting 30% through collections, we launch PRESTAKING and give away prizes from tokens. Note: PRESTAKING is intended only for people who have an NFT token – from the GOLD package from $2,500 and more.
  2. We will launch a staking program in which the reward will be tokens purchased on the exchange.
  3. We are starting the expansion of the project to 49 global markets!
  4. Our project will become the leader of the local trend!
  5. We will create a travel brand called NearB. travel and an innovative travel planner – thanks to it we will conquer the world!
  6. Our printed guides will be available worldwide!
  7. We will build a community of 500 million users around the world!
  8. Our guide includes 100,000 companies from 49 countries, i.e. a total of 5 million local companies!


Join our group on Telegram and stay up to date with all information about tokenization of our project. This is a knowledge base about NRB tokens and a special place for token holders!

The goal of the project is to create an innovative travel platform that takes travel to a whole new level – integrating local entrepreneurs, travelers and the wider community into one coherent ecosystem.


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